The Heaven EP is out NOw!


Heaven EP

After being signed with a small independent record label, Brandon Lighty (19) and Luke Mayer (18) had their eyes opened to the greedy underbelly of the music industry. At that same time, they were experiencing what is perhaps the largest political polarization the United States has seen in a century. 

The Heaven EP is Trivial Nonsense's response to a politically, emotionally, 

and physically devastating two years where hope, excitement, and a youthful naiveness takes center stage. Recorded, mixed, and produced themselves, this Alt. Rock EP is initially instrumentally and sonically hopeful for the future, but there is also an underlying theme of powerlessness, apathy, and deceit that makes itself known the further into the recordings one gets. In a world that looks completely different than what it did three years ago, the Heaven EP gives a nostalgic look back at what could've been done differently, while also showing the signs of what was to come had always been there, undermining everything from the beginning.  

Status: Available Now!