The Heaven EP is out NOw!

Amor Ni Deseo Lyric Video

The Amor Ni Deseo Lyric Video relfects the desperation and intense feelings told through the music and lyrics of the song. With beautiful apstract animations darting the screen throughout the song, this video adds another layer of meaning, mystery, and metaphor to the most popular song off of the Heaven EP


Heaven EP Release

As a band, Trivial Nonsense wants to make the best music possible, and after listening through the final product of their full album, A Dreamer's Reality, neither Luke nor Brandon were satisfied. Because of that, they have decided to release the album initially in two parts. Part one of the album will be released as the Heaven EP. This emotionally, politically, and personally driven half to A Dreamer's Reality will also tell the first part of the journey taken in the album's story. One of initial hope and excited, only to end with a defeated realization of the truth.


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