The Heaven EP is out NOw!

What Is Trivial Nonsense?

     Made up of the young duo of Brandon Lighty (19) and Luke Mayer (18), Trivial Nonsense is a project meant to create new and exciting Alternative Rock music with roots in everything from classical music to modern pop. From political motivations, to songs deeply personal about their time in the music industry so far, their music truly covers all spectrums.

"The energy that [these] guys possess is out of this world. The music is full of power..." -Bowen Ashenfelter

Who Is Trivial Nonsense?

     Brandon Lighty is an avid musician, quite literally pushed to the role of frontman and vocalist. Originally beginning his music career as a classical guitarist, Brandon has since branched out and taught himself how to play the bass, electric guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, hulusi, drums, and more. He also acts as the main songwriter and secondary producer for Trivial Nonsense's music.

     Luke Mayer is one of the most impressive drummers one will ever watch. That coupled with the fact that he is self-taught only makes his skill and precision that more impressive. Not only that, but Luke has also picked up the bass, piano, and guitar. He is the main producer for the band's music, their sound engineer, and a songwriter.

“The group has repeatedly wowed audiences with their driving rhythms, great vocals, and amazing songwriting skills" -George Schricker

What Have They Been Up To?

     So far, Trivial Nonsense has released the Heaven EP, which has four interludes and five full songs. These have been met with critical underground success. The band has been named the Editors' Choice Artist of the Month for April of 2018 on the blog Emerging Indie Bands, Down to This has been ranked in the top 10 songs on independent radio stations in Quebec, multiple newspapers and blogs have written great reviews for the entire EP as well as the individual songs, both Castles and Down to This have been added to multiple Spotify playlists, Karben Main Stage named the band Artist of the Week for the last month of April 2018, and the band has been ranked multiple times throughout North America as a top new band to watch.

     The group has worked with artists all over the industry including; SHERWOOD, Motherfolk, Wilder, The Radiomen, Rookie Of The Year, and Jeremy Porter and the Tucos. They have also performed from Denver to Nashville and everywhere in between

"I was so impressed by the level of talent displayed in each of [the band members]. We look forward to seeing [them] perform again ."  -Laura Johnson


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